Dahlia Tuber Store


Welcome to our Dahlia tuber store!

We've spent the past five years discovering, growing, and cultivating the most unique and beautiful dahlias at our farm. Every variety on sale in our Tuber Store has been selected for its uniqueness, quality, and marketability. 

Tubers will go on sale on Monday, January 30th at 9 am EST. Tuber sizes vary depending on variety, but all will be shipped with at least one visible eye. We grow thousands of dahlias at the farm, so if your tuber fails to eye-up or is mislabeled, we will happily credit you for your tuber purchases in 2018.

All orders will begin shipping in early April via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail. For earlier ship dates, please indicate at check-out, and we will contact you and ship as weather allows (an additional fee for insulating packing materials to protect the tubers applies).

For growers ordering in wholesale quantities (10+ tubers per varieties available), please contact us to access our bulk tuber sales page.

Happy shopping (and growing)!


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