OUR Story

Conceived by our youngest sister, Grace, Fivefork has grown into a partnership between five siblings.  Our joint passion for growing,  arranging, and selling flowers was passed on by our mother-- whose love of plants and gardening continues to inspire us-- and further informed by careers in agriculture, design, and business.

Fivefork's 38-acres of rolling fields and woodlands is situated along the Blackstone River Valley in Upton, Massachusetts on land once farmed by four



At Fivefork, we are committed to growing flowers using organic and sustainable practicesthat is, cultivating flowers without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. We believe that healthy soil grows the best plants and flowers, so we devote much time to feeding the land through use of various cover crops, organic soil amendments, compost, and annual crop rotations.

 Together, these practices provide valuable nutrients and replenish the fertility of our land so we can provide flowers all season long.