DIY Flowers

Freshly harvested fresh from our fields for your special event

From June until October, we offer seasonal, sustainably-grown flowers to our most ambitious, do-it-yourself clients to design for weddings and special events.  If you have the time and talent to create your own floral designs, buying DIY Flowers from Fivefork Farms is an excellent way to add unique touches to your event, even within a tight budget. 

We know it's a big decision, so we've put together as much information as possible to help you along the way. When you're ready to get in touch, send us an email or contact us using the form below.


How it Works

DIY Flowers are an excellent option if:

  • you are interested in seasonal and sustainably grown flowers;
  • you are flexible about colors and style;
  • you are working with a smaller floral budget;
  • you have the time and talent to design your own wedding or event flowers.

DIY Flowers from Fivefork Farms are harvested fresh from our fields and ready for you to pick up days before your event. Each bucket contains a mix of foliage, filler, and focal flower varieties that are at their most beautiful and abundant in the fields. Flower and color choices are limited to what is available the week of your event, although we do offer an option for those who wish to request certain colors or palettes. This option is available only from June 15 through October 15. 

If you are interested in what might be available the week of your event, visit our Instagram, where we frequently post photos of our harvests and what's blooming in the fields. We also encourage you to visit us at the Canal District Farmers' Market in Worcester, MA on Saturday mornings a week or two before your event to see some of our flowers in person. 


  • DIY Flowers in any colors (grower's choice): $135/bucket 
  • DIY Flowers in requested color palette: $165/bucket
  • Additional bunches (can be added on 1-2 weeks before your event date): $12-18/bunch

Pricing does not include tax. All flowers must be picked up from Fivefork Farms (delivery is not available for DIY flowers). See our FAQs below for more information!


If you are interested in purchasing DIY Flowers, please submit the form below, or email us at with your event details. We require a 50% deposit upon booking to reserve your date, with the balance due at pickup. Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.

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Things to Consider

Before you decide if buying DIY Flowers to design on your own is the right decision for you, we encourage you to consider if:

  • You feel comfortable working with flowers.
    While we do our best to harvest flowers for DIY clients that are fairly easy to work with, each variety has its own idiosyncrasies and characteristics, and some require special handling or treatment.
  • You (and/or some really great friends) will have enough time to pick up the flowers a few days before your event, as well as enough time to design. The week of your wedding can be incredibly hectic, and it's easy to underestimate the amount of time you'll need for everything from picking up the flowers to designing them to setting things up at your event. We recommend setting aside at least 6-8 hours the day before the wedding to design arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.
  • You have a good place to store the flowers between the day you pick them up and your event. We recommend keeping everything well-hydrated and in a cool, dark place.
  • You have access to the tools you need. You'll need heavy-duty clippers designed for floral work, as well as other key supplies like floral tape, wire, ribbons, and pins.
  • You'll have enough help to put together the arrangements and complete all the things on your list. Floral design for weddings isn't something we suggest doing alone, especially for something as large as a wedding. We typically have a team of 2-4 people working on wedding flowers for at least two days prior to an event, as well as a team of 2-3 people for setup and breakdown the day of.
  • You have a workspace to do the design work. Flowers get messy fast! You'll need a space that's cool (air conditioning is required, not just recommended) and has access to water. You should also be sure to work in an area with lots of counter or table space, and where it won't matter if things get wet and dirty from the cut stems and leaves.
  • You have the ability and means to transport the flowers to your venue. If you are designing the flowers at a location other than your wedding venue, you'll need to figure out how to safely transport lots of vases filled with flowers and water. We often need at least two vehicles or a large cargo van to transport all of the flowers and decor for a wedding, as well as crates, boxes, and other cushioning to keep the designs from being jostled or vessels from breaking.
  • You're able to trust someone with setting up all of the centerpieces and floral decorations the morning of the wedding, when you'll be getting ready.

If your answer is yes to everything above,
DIY Flowers from Fivefork Farms are a great option for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order DIY Flowers?
Send us an email with your event details, date, and floral budget.

When should I contact you about ordering DIY Flowers?
We are only able to accommodate a limited number DIY Flower orders per weekend, so we suggest you reserve your date as early as possible, and at least 3 months in advance.

When are DIY Flowers available?
We're able to provide DIY Flowers June through October.

How much does it cost?
If you are open to any colors, pricing is $135 (plus tax) per bucket of seasonal flowers and foliage. If you would like to request flowers in a certain color palette, pricing is $165 (plus tax) per bucket. We always harvest a seasonal mix of focal and filler flowers, along with interesting grasses and foliage, to give you a variety of materials to work with. 

Is there a minimum for my order?
We require a minimum order of 2 buckets if you are purchasing only DIY Flowers.

How many stems come in a bucket?
The number of stems will vary with each bucket and depends on what's in bloom at the time of your event. Each bucket has a minimum of 80 stems.

How many arrangements can be made with each bucket?
It depends on your vases or vessels, as well as your design style. For reference, you could create about 5-7 quart-sized mason jar arrangements from one bucket of flowers, depending on how lush you make the designs.

Can I choose the flower varieties in my order? 
We never promise to provide any specific floral varieties. If you have requested certain colors, we do our best to accommodate a range of shades within your palette. We are unable to guarantee anything beyond freshly harvested, sustainably-grown, vibrant flowers. If you're choosing to design your own florals, you need to be very flexible with your vision and open to a range of colors.

Can I add additional flowers to my order?
If you would like to have more of a particular flower or color in addition to DIY buckets, straight bunches can be added to your order. Depending on variety, bunches are between $12-18. If you'd like to add to your DIY order, contact us about 2 weeks prior to your event and we can let you know what's available. 

Do the flowers need to be refrigerated?
Not at all, but we do recommend that they stay in air conditioning. Keep the flowers in a cool, dark room or basement, and try to keep away from food (especially fruits and vegetables), and pets.

When should I pick up my flowers?
We recommend picking up your flowers 2-3 days prior to your event. For Saturday weddings, most clients pick up their flowers on the Thursday before. However, with enough notice, we're happy to accommodate your schedule.

Should I bring my own buckets?
Nope! We'll have everything harvested and prepared in water when you pick up. You may keep your buckets or return them to us after your event.

How long will the flowers last?
It depends on the variety, but most will last for 4-7 days if cared for properly.

Do you provide consultations or design tutorials?
Currently, we're only able to offer complimentary consultations to full service clients. For a la carte and DIY orders, we'd be happy to have a phone call with you to get acquainted, and then take care of the rest of the details via email. Design tutorials or assistance in floral and event planning are not provided with the purchase of DIY Flowers.

We recommend the book Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers, which was written with DIY weddings in mind and has several accompanying videos. If you're interested in learning some design basics or having an private lesson with us, we offer consultations and lessons at a rate of $75/hour, plus the cost of flowers. Contact us to learn more.

I reserved DIY Flowers but now I'm nervous that I won't be able do everything before the wedding. Can I hire you to design all of my flowers at the last minute?
If you're feeling overwhelmed, let us know right away! We'll work with you to change your order and provide all of the design services you need as our events calendar allows. However, please expect your total for flowers and services to likely increase.

Still have a question about DIY Flowers?

Email us.