Terms & Conditions


Our Flowers

Every arrangement we make at the farm is unique, using the freshest, most beautiful flowers from our farm and other local farms. Please be aware that the product photograph is intended only to provide an indication of size, style and color, and that these may vary depending on seasonal availability and weather conditions.

We predominantly use our own farm-grown flowers, which are grown using sustainable and organic practices. We believe that these elements are uniquely beautiful and celebrate the changing beauty of the seasons; our arrangements may feature wild grasses, turning leaves, and wavy stems. Life expectancy of our flowers in the vase is between five and seven days when given proper care.

To get the most from your flowers and prolong their vase-life, re-cut the stems at an angle to ensure maximum absorption and change the water in the vase daily to minimize contamination of the water due to naturally-occurring bacteria.



Flower delivery is provided for special occasion orders only. Please refer to the delivery dates and time slots offered when placing your order. We do not guarantee specific delivery time.

Name, address, and contact details for the recipient and sender are required in full. We do not accept any liability for incorrect address details leading to incorrect deliveries.

If the recipient is not home, the order can be left in a safe place (such as a porch or garden shed where the flowers will not be in direct sunlight, damaged by rain, or freezing temperatures) if you have authorized us to do so in the Delivery Instructions. Please note that the flowers will be left at your own risk and we can accept no responsibility for theft or damage after delivery. If no one is available to accept delivery and there are no delivery instructions on the order, the flowers will be returned to the farm, where you may arrange for pick-up the next day.

We do not accept responsibility for any deliveries once they have been accepted at a commercial address. We do not accept any liability for delayed deliveries caused by any third party, fire, floor or mechanical breakdown.

Any feedback concerning your order must be received within 24 hours of delivery. If for any reason your flowers have been damaged in transit or you are unhappy with the condition of the flowers on arrival we will, in the first instance, and at our sole discretion, offer to replace the flowers on the next available delivery day. If this is not possible we will offer the purchaser a full refund.