CSA Members' Reviews

"This CSA exceeded my expectations in every way. I can't tell you how refreshing it is in today's world to feel that one actually got more than what was paid for. That pretty much never happens. Furthermore the arrangements are simply exquisite, full and lush. Will definitely be back next year, though next time we are going to do the 12 weeks!" 
"Cannot begin to describe what a gift that was that I gave myself ~ the most beautiful arrangement of flowers (so many that I didn't know that were stunning) fresh from your farm to my house." 
"Each bouquet had a unique feel. I really enjoyed having your incredible flowers on my table all summer."

"I so looked forward to picking up my CSA and loved talking with Grace's mom, brothers and workers. It gave me a great appreciation for the amount of work that they do and the perfection that they are so proud of with their products. This whole experience was such a find for me and I totally recommend it."

"The flowers were exceptional, and the quantity kept arrangements for me (home AND office), as well as some for friends too, full and vibrant for the entire summer!!"